Bringing your data together

Did you know that ProgressCRM can be used to view information stored in other databases around your organisation. Using the tools within SQL server, a Progress custom tab can be created to allow you to view data held in any number of other data storage formats (such as MSAccess, Excel, DBase for example). 

 Fayrlight Solutions has recently provided one client with such a tab to allow access to their MYSQL database which is updated via an external website. In this way, data can be pulled together without the need to actually import and duplicate the data within the Progress database itself. The Query module can also be tailored to make use of this data alongside your existing Progress data. So if you have other important sources of information in your organisation, which you do not want to move, but would dearly love to have visible when looking up contacts in Progress or performing mailings and queries, this could be the answer you’ve been looking for.