Don't outgrow your Query module

The ProgressCRM Query module, is a powerful tool. Not only can you filter your database to produce telephone or mailing lists, but you can also use those lists to update the database; setting flags or adding contact history items to record a mailing event. In recent versions of Progress you can even use your query results in the advanced search screen, allowing you to create a list of contacts which require further data entry, and then use your query results to work through each one.

The various tabs and columns available to you in Query are usually customised for each organisation at the time of implementation.  However it is important to remember that the choices available to you within these tabs are entirely customisable. Each tab is based on a SQL Server ’view’, and that view can have new columns added to it. You can bring data together from numerous tables, or create columns which contain the results of complex calculations.

Clients often say to me that they need to go through numerous steps, merging one query to another, simply to add columns which do not appear in their starting query tab. These fields can often be brought together in a single tab, saving time and reducing the chance of error.

As your organisation grows, your query requirements are likely to change, so keep in mind that the information held in a custom data entry tab, or even another database, can easily be brought into the Query module with a little customisation.