Regular SQL Maintenance

ProgressCRM utilises Microsoft SQL Server as its database platform. Correctly maintained, SQL Server is one of the most reliable databases available. However like all database solutions, regular maintenance, backups and monitoring are essential to protecting one of the most irreplaceable assets your organisation owns. 

 SQL server comes with a number of tools which can both optimise the speed of its databases, and validate the integrity of the data within them. Using these tools on a regular basis can keep the system performing well, and prevent any unwanted surprises on that one occasion that you need to restore your database, from what you thought was a sound backup. These tasks can be scheduled to run automatically each weekend and even email their results to you or your IT provider. 

I would suggest it is also a sensible policy to regularly test that you can restore your ProgressCRM database from backup. Perhaps using this backup to keep a test system refreshed could serve a dual purpose. Having been part of the ASI support team in the past, I have unfortunately heard more than once of an organisation loosing its entire database following a server failure. Although you might think you have a backup policy in place, have you actually tested it in a disaster recovery situation? 

 All of the tools you need are already sitting within the SQL product on your server. It may simply need a little setup to ensure your piece of mind and to keep your system running as efficiently as possible; allowing you to focus your time on your organisation's real aims and objectives.