Home Computer Support

Fayrlight Solutions can now help with computer support for homes in and around Sussex. If you need PC (personal computer) assistance or home training at an affordable price, please consider a home visit from one of our engineers.

We can help with any issue, from troublesome printers, slow running computers, random error messages and internet connection problems, to machines requiring a complete wipe and re-installation. We can even help with the purchasing of new equipment or software, or provide a friendly introduction to any aspect of using a new computer. Complete novices and technophobs welcome. As the old phrase goes... "no problem is too big or too small". 

You can expect our engineers to be mature, professional, courteous, customer service focused people, who can explain and resolve your problems in a way you can understand.

Our rates are £25 call out (which includes the first hour after arrival) around the Sussex area, and £15 per hour thereafter, with no obligation to have any more than a single hours assistance.

To have an initial discussion about any problems you have please email us at enquiries@fayrlight.co.uk